Apple Watch – A Strong competitor in the Fitness Industry

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A smartwatch is an electronic device worn on the wrist like a regular watch, that can be used to track time and measure various factors such as heart rate, speed and other fitness parameters. They are often accompanied by a related mobile phone application, which offers users additional functionality such as contact management, heartbeats and other health information. An accompanying smartphone app offers for real-time tracking and other management, while a separate local touchscreen interface gives you access to vital information for day-to-day use. Smartphones with Android operating systems have historically been the most popular smart devices with this technology, but Apple has recently released a number of innovative smartwatch models using its own iOS software platform. Click this guide to running for more information.

The Apple Watch faces several challenges in competing with wear-ables designed to improve overall health and wellbeing. Firstly, it is largely the case that more people suffer from poor circulation than they do poor cardiovascular health and overweight. Although the Apple Watch has an internal heart rate monitor, this functionality relies on the connection between the Watch’s sensor bar and a heart rate monitor placed upon the chest of the wearer. Although this does allow for the occasional recording of your workout, it doesn’t work as well as it should, resulting in a degree of inaccuracy. While the Watch may be an excellent health and fitness tracking device, its design as a ‘wearable’ also means that it is often only being worn during exercise sessions – limiting its usefulness to athletes and people in professional sports.

Another difficulty faced by the design of the original Apple Watch is the difficulty of understanding the analog display. This makes the Watch a poor choice for people who need to keep track of their heart rate during their workout routine. Furthermore, the large and easily readable LCD panel makes it difficult to read while exercising, limiting its use to fitness-based activities only. The introduction of an accompanying Android operating system into the Apple Watch may solve these problems, but users will still need to make some effort to understand the interface, particularly because of the large, high-contrast display. For those looking for a fitness companion or something to help them with their daily workouts, the smartwatch market just isn’t going to cut it.

Perhaps the most significant weakness of the original Apple Watch lies within its design. While fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes may have welcomed the innovative features and intuitive interface of the device, it was clearly designed for heavy-duty usage. The pressure-sensitive screen makes it easy for the Watch to detect wrong moves – a common problem for fitness watches in general, but one which is particularly irritating when using the device during workouts. Additionally, the large, round, unappealing display made it difficult for many consumers to fully comprehend the data provided and may have been interpreted as a detracting feature by some.

Fortunately, the new Apple Watch is designed to overcome many of the design limitations presented by the original model. Firstly, the face of the device has been redesigned to be sleeker and more modern, allowing for a more elegant and attractive design. Secondly, the large, attractive face is easier to read and more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Thirdly, the addition of many useful health applications means that the smart watch is now a much better fitness companion than the original version.

While it’s fair to say that the original Apple Watch sold very poorly (some customers were actually unable to receive their units when they ordered them), the new models should prove to be a hit with consumers looking for a more convenient and stylish fitness device. Despite the higher end price tag, it’s clear that the smart watch is now a far more desirable device – and one that will become even more popular in the future. It’s certain to become a long-standing standard in the smartwatch market, and become a marketing success for both Apple and its competitors.

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