Combine Groove Square Galleries With International Photography Festivals

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The venue of Grove Square Galleries is an exciting new London art gallery showcasing emerging and established artists, offering an avenue for discovery and exploration. Established in 2021 as a centre of contemporary artistic activity, Grove Square has grown into a major hub for art collectors and dealers in central London. Combining traditional curatorial practice with cutting edge digital technology, the gallery is at the heart of the London arts scene. Established in a restored Georgian theatre, Grove Square is located near Covent Garden. With a long history as an important retail and leisure complex, the area is dotted with fashionable shops and cafes. Featuring a permanent exhibition and retail space, the gallery presents a comprehensive range of long and short term exhibits, including itineraries from the major contemporary art fairs, European contemporary artists, arts and craft exhibitions, art travel exhibitions and pop and street art events.

Offering a range of features such as a cafe, restaurant, gift shop and onsite parking, the gallery is ideally located for shoppers in central London. Offering flexible terms of engagement, the gallery is able to tailor its programme to suit both long and short-term exhibitions and events, from solo exhibitions to corporate events and social events. Providing an advisory service to its clients, Grove Square Galleries organises events, programmes and networking dinners, helping to bring art to life. Featuring a full programme of solo and group exhibitions, events and corporate events, the contemporary art gallery has also been behind the scenes in some major exhibitions including the MoMA’s flagship exhibition, The Saatchi Gallery.

Located in London’s Kensington High Street, David Klein’s solo exhibition entitled Space and Time are exhibited from the 29th August to the 4th September. The renowned British artist’s solo work is centred around the theme of time and space. The solo exhibition is supplemented with works dedicated to remembered ancestors, installations and sculpture. In partnership with renowned photographer Peter Kosmikian, David Klein presents his take on the Russian Forts, while Peter Kosmikian offers his interpretation of the Chinese architecture.

The London Gallery and Companies House are currently teaming up to present a contemporary exhibition that will run across the UK from the 8th April to the 14th May. The merging of digital innovation and physical exhibition, the London Gallery and Companies House are offering a year-round programme of interactive talks and installations, in tandem with an artist-led programme celebrating contemporary art work around the world. With installations such as the ‘Solo Show,’ ‘Throne & Table’ and ‘Tear Joint,’ the London Gallery and Companies House are setting the pace for a season of contemporary art exhibitions. Featured on the program are artists such as Gillian McCain, Mark Langan, Zsanett, Martintd, Lukewarm, Kasia Pelouch and Joanna Ware.

The Glasgow Gallery and Museum of Modern Art are currently teaming up to offer a contemporary exhibition centred on the ‘Power of Paint.’ A collaboration between art dealers and well-known designers, this exhibition will feature solo and group exhibits from across the globe, as well as an area dedicated to the solo career of soloists. This is the first year that both organisations will be co-operating. With installations including ‘Digg’ Poster Testimony,’ ‘Liz Claiborne’s ‘The New York Minute’ and ‘The Walk,’ the Glasgow Gallery and Museum of Modern Art is set to offer a definitive solo exhibition experience.

For many collectors, Grove Square Galleries has always offered a platform for exciting and rewarding solo exhibits, allowing young, up-and -coming artists to develop their work and showcase it at prestigious international exhibitions. However, with the launch of the Glasgow International Festival of Photography, which runs from June to August, this venue may move further away from its usual self. In association with the world-famous photographic festival, the gallery will once again play host to a photographic exhibition featuring leading photographic artists from around the world. In addition to featuring photography by some of the world’s best photographers, this year’s edition will feature work by emerging youngsters such as Zsanett, Langan and Bosch. With so much happening in the world of photography, joining forces with Glasgow-based organisations such as the Glasgow International Festival of Photography is a smart move for any young artist preparing to make a name for themselves.

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