Growing Need – Child Care And Daycare

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Childcare and Daycare are two words that many parents never associate together. Yet when you choose to start your own business in the early childhood education field, childcare and early childhood education are very important for success. Many states are requiring preschoolers to be in child care or early childhood education when they are young; this is because these young children have a lot to learn about how to live with their peers, work hard, and learn to be responsible for their actions. In this article, I will share with you the basics of what Childcare and Early Childhood Education involve.

Susy’s family childcare and early childhood education can be broken down into several different categories, which are general purpose, special needs, physical growth and development, occupational development and cognitive skills, temperament and character development and communication skills. General purpose child care and childcare includes taking care of basic needs, preparing for kindergarten, helping children develop their academic readiness and self esteem, preparing for home school activities, and helping children grow physically and mentally. Special needs children are the primary candidates for early childhood education, because they may have special needs such as auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder, Fragile X Syndrome or autism. These children usually require an intensive and specialized program.

Special needs children and those with autism also require an intensive early childhood education program in order to receive appropriate socialization. Occupational development is an aspect of general purpose childcare, where a preschooler learns about basic skills, prepares for kindergarten, and grows and learns to function in an environment that is safe, organized, and free of distraction. Children with physical growth and development need help learning fine motor skills and gross motor skills; children with intellectual developmental disabilities benefit from an environment that teaches them how to interact with their peers and adults. Communicative skills and temperament and character development are areas that require interaction with individuals who understand their situation, work cooperatively with peers, and exhibit self discipline and good manners.

Daycare providers are specially trained and prepared to handle all types of children. Some specialize in extremely early childhood education and childcare; others are trained to handle unique emergencies and special needs infants. Infant daycare are best for infants less than six months of age. The services provided by child care services include:

Special needs children ages three to six are the most commonly targeted group for preschool daycare. Pre-Kindergarten programs provide educational opportunities in a setting that builds intellectual skills, socialization, and self directedness in children. Pre-Kindergarten Day Care Services are especially helpful for children ages three to six who experience issues relating to sleep, hunger, sickness, and/or injury. Day cares may also be a great option for families with more than one child; they provide a less crowded space for families to gather together without the expense of multiple childcare services.

Childcare and daycare provide an invaluable service to growing up children. It provides an opportunity for socialization, academic instruction and personal growth in a safe and controlled environment. It is important for every family to determine their family needs and find the right resources that meet those needs. Daycare and child care services are available all across the country and world. There is a growing need for flexible and affordable options for families in need of services. Contact your nearest Family Child Care Service for more information.

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