Personal Technological Development – What Are Human Personal Developments?

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Artificial Intelligent or HPI is the term that is used to describe Artificial Personal Developments or AI that can self develop and personalizes itself. It is also called techub or gees techub. The future of technology is now and it is predicted to become the biggest risk to mankind since the invention of fire. A recent article in a prominent publication in the UK by Professor Gillian Murphy states that if human beings are to apply the science of AI in business, there will be a global economic crisis.

One of the most important categories is Personal Development and one cannot afford to ignore this in any sphere of life. However, the issue is how to measure personal development. Prof. Murphy says: “If we are to give money to a person, it has to be measured in terms of personal worth. If the person does not feel good about themselves, no money will be given.”

To personalize an individual, we need to have personal growth. If you take your car for a mechanic and do not get it repaired, you cannot say that you are personalizing. You cannot say that you are improving it. Similarly, if you do not know how to use technology, you cannot claim that you are improving it. The concept of personal growth is very important and people should be very careful about what they do and who they let into their lives.

One of the biggest fear with Artificial Intelligent or AI personal development is that we will turn it on its head and make a human superior to it. That will not happen because humans are far from becoming robotic like artificially intelligent computers. It is possible that the human race may not be able to handle the personal technological development. In the past, human beings became machines for doing specific tasks very quickly.

However, the rate of personal technological development is slowing down, and now, we are beginning to sense the impact. The fear is based on the fact that a super intelligent computer with self-awareness can replicate itself. It can also move in stealth and change its appearance to make it look like the owner’s pet. Therefore, if we give a personal technological development project to a super intelligence, it may not use it in a positive way and it might start to do harmful things. This article will assist you with picking the manifestor human design.

The other concern is also linked to the current scenario of budget crunch. A super intelligent personal technological system might be so expensive that its creation is stopped. If there is no money in the future, the projects that are planned today might not get completed. This is why, human should be allowed to personalise their future. They should be given the money so that they can enjoy the personal technological advancements.

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