Rent a Party Bus for Your Next Event Night Long

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A party bus is simply a large motorized vehicle, usually based on a commercial bus or coach, but customized and made specifically to carry ten or more individuals for personal/party purposes. Party buses can contain up to twelve people; the driver will typically control the number of passengers. Typically, party buses will contain dance poles, music systems and on board bars. If you need a large amount of seating for a large group, you will probably want to call a party bus rental service instead. There are many different kinds of party buses available, so take some time to find the right one for your needs. Click here for more information about Ann Arbor Party Bus

School Buses: For most high school students, being in a school bus is every bit as much fun as going to the prom or homecoming dances. The fact that all the seating is in the back makes it seem like it’s just you and your friends, which is what a lot of kids love. However, unlike other kinds of school buses, most school buses have very little room for more than a few small adults. It’s also illegal to transport people under the age of 16 at parties, so if you want to seat additional adults, you’ll have to book them in advance or put them on a waiting list. These buses are generally pretty cramped, even for small groups; make sure to plan your party bus rental early to make sure there are plenty of chairs.

Luxury Seating: If you want to provide a bit more luxury to your passengers, you could consider luxury seating. Luxury seating comes with amenities such as DVD players, flat-screen TVs and premium sound systems. Many of these amenities are optional and are dependent on your budget and the kind of party bus you rent. Generally, all passengers enjoy the luxuries of a luxury seat. If you’re planning on taking your party bus to a club or another location that has a live disc jockey, this can add an extra element of fun.

Limousine Cars: The more luxurious your party bus, the more fun it will be for everyone. In addition to your luxury seating, consider including a limousine inside the vehicle. While most limousines only seat four people at a time, there are some models that accommodate as many as ten. When traveling with a larger group, it’s almost always safer to travel in a limousine because you can rest assured that the vehicles are well-padded and the drivers are experienced with driving large vehicles.

Dance Floor Amenities: Most party buses have dance floors, which means you can enjoy music while waiting for your guests to arrive. If you want, you can also rent flashlights to illuminate the dance floor. If you’ve rented a bigger vehicle, you may even be able to use lighting devices to set the mood. There are also a variety of other amenities available, such as strobe light kits, music stands, and more. Choose a dance floor that has amenities that fit your budget and your needs, and then choose the services you want.

Rent a Party Bus to Spice Up Your Next Event Night Long: Whether you’re hosting a big graduation party, a bachelorette party, or a Sweet 16 or other special event, renting a party bus for your guests is one of the best ways to provide luxury seating, plenty of amenities, and a safe and enjoyable environment. Make sure to find out all the details about how to reserve one before you make any reservations. Then, relax and enjoy the ride!

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