Top 5 Best Free Online Flash Games

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If you are looking for a way to pass time and keep you busy day by day then try to check out range of fun, useless and funny games for bored souls just to hold you busy during those boring days. Here at bored plenty, do not print the standard shoot em up s that almost every other web site offers. They are boring and so uninspiring that they drive away most of the visitors who look for them on the internet.

So, why do not you try your luck and find a number of fun situs slot online games to play? Battle Royal is one such game that is just perfect for you. It is a game of skill and strategy. In this game, the player has to choose a king and queen and start from the first position and one has to defend the castle all the way till the last man standing wins the game. This is one of the best online games that loads your time with fun.

The next in-app purchases must include some exciting and addictive range of fun online games. There is another app available from giraffe city which is called ” Animals Crossing Fancy Dress up”. You have to dress up animals in the different costumes and run to the winning post. Some of the animals are duck, frog, hedgehog, horse, hedgehog etc and get your name printed on a poster that is won by you. This is another wonderful and exiting game that is full of fun and excitement.

The third in-app purchase you can make to enhance the quality of your gaming experience is miniclip 8 Ball Pool. Just download this game and you will immediately enjoy its awesome features. You are provided with an easy interface where all you have to do is select your moves and then hit the ball. There are four different difficulty levels to play the game. This is one of the best online flash games that allows you to beat the computer within minutes. It is recommended for kids aged three years and older.

The fourth best online flash game you can make use of is asphalt 9. This is yet another exciting and exiting miniclip game where you are required to steer your vehicle and avoid obstacles on the road. The advanced version provides you with three different game modes which are endless, expert and challenge. The excellent driving physics and the amazing graphics allow you to feel like you are really driving the streets of London.

The final in-app purchase you can make to enhance the quality of your gaming experience is download hearthstone. This is the best old school runescape game where you have to build the fellowship by making friends and earning coins. If you are a member of the guild and you kill many mobs then you will be able to buy power potions that will give you more health in battle.

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