What Makes a Human Believe in Gods?

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If you have ever wondered what makes a human believe in Gods, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. There really is no answer to that question that can be proven with empirical evidence. However, some things are known to be true because people have reliably reported them over many centuries. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly reported beliefs. You can get more information about https://exnonnerebecca.wordpress.com/about/.

The first one is the concept of free will. This is actually a two pronged definition of Gods. Some people believe that we choose our own fate and are responsible for it. In other words, we get everything that we do, and no one else. Other people believe that no one can choose their destiny and that it is entirely the result of chance and randomness. So if the answer to the original question is both, then how can there be Gods?

The second most commonly reported belief is the idea of fate. People also believe in reincarnation and believe in magic. All of these concepts are based on the same religious foundation, the belief in a Supreme Being. Whether it is what makes a human believe in Gods or not has more to do with the interpretation of that belief. If someone wants to define the foundation of their religion, there are plenty of books out there that offer that definition, and they all essentially say the same thing.

The third most commonly reported belief is that God keeps secrets. Most people would think that if something like that happened, people would know about it. This is something like the existence of the unknown. Sometimes people believe that the unknown is something like what makes a human believe in gods. They see God as keeping something like the secrets of the universe, or the way that people were created, and they want to find out what those secrets are.

The fourth most common answer to the question of what makes a human believe in gods is that they just have a hard time believing that something that has happened to them, or something that is going to happen to them, is out of their hands. There are two major problems with this answer. The first problem is that people don’t understand that the future does not have a definite timeline, and that there are things out there in the future that we do not know about yet. Second, even if it is out of our hands right now, the future will eventually be fixed. God may not be able to prevent the next plague from wiping out humanity, but he definitely can prevent you from dying from it now.

The fifth most common answer to the question of what makes a human believe in gods is that they just have a hard time trusting in things that they cannot see with their bare eyes. This is often coupled with the idea that all the things that they see with their unaided vision must be real, or that they simply cannot conceive of the idea of something like faith in God, without having evidence for it. There are problems with this answer, the first major one being that we have seen plenty of people kill themselves and others just because they did not get enough evidence to convince themselves. The second major problem is that it does not account for the prevalence of superstition throughout history.

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