How To Create An Insurance App

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The must-have insurance app features will also differ depending on the insurance niche. Users should be able to contact customer support in case they are experiencing issues or need help understanding the details of their insurance policies through this link In this regard, integrating an AI chatbot to help answer typical customer questions may be an excellent idea. If it is a vehicle or property insurance, an app should enable users to take photos and upload documents confirming the harm and damage.

A lawsuit or data breach can devastate your app development business. E&O also called professional liability insurance, protects app developers against lawsuits over their work performance. Intellectual property and media liability coverage can often be added. General liability insurance protects your business from the most common liabilities faced by app developers.

The app has about 60K installs per month, with 40% monthly download growth. Lemonade has a rating of 4.9/5 in the App Store based on 55.8K reviews and a rating of 4.6/5 in Google Play based on 11.5K reviews with more than 500K downloads. The app has about 45K installs per month, with 13.6% monthly download growth. This is like an airbag that minimizes risks while traveling, covers sudden unexpected expenses, and saves policyholders in emergencies. It protects insured persons from trip cancellations, emergency medical expenses, luggage loss, medical evacuation, loss of passport or travel documents, etc.

We have a team of expert Insurance app developers who have worked with companies across the globe and delivered cost-effective solutions. Our Insurance application development professionals enable companies to better manage their customers and policies with an efficient system. Customers can file claims on insurance apps by providing proper information and processing it, along with checking the status of the claim at different stages of the process. At level 4, an app becomes context-aware – for example, the Root app gathers information about driving patterns to provide more personalized offers.

In the previous section, we listed the kind of data that an insurer could collect through a mobile app. The Quote tab offers a feature where the app can fetch your data from its records and either connect you to an insurance agent or directly state the price of a policy. Assuming the company has the resources to work with Big Data, it can pitch discounted prices or more benefits to customers based on their frequency of asking/exploring new policies.

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