Small Business Insurance in Tiburon CA

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When looking for small business insurance, consider the various risks that your company might face. Small business owners who employ people will need a worker’s compensation policy. Additionally, business owners who operate in areas prone to natural disasters should have business income and commercial property insurance. Insurance agents can advise you on the appropriate policies. When choosing an insurance carrier, be sure to shop around and read reviews of the carriers. It is also wise to call several insurance companies for quotes.

Premiums for small business insurance can vary greatly. A more established business that has higher revenue and more experience can afford a lower premium than a smaller business with lower revenue. An accountant may have a lower premium than a roofing company that faces higher risks. Additionally, location plays a big role in determining premium costs. Insurance companies can differ in their rates for the same type of business in different regions, but they can typically negotiate a lower rate with each click here

Many small businesses aren’t aware of the many types of insurance that they should have. While workers’ compensation coverage is mandated by state law, property insurance is a good choice for a small business that may not require much of it. Liability coverage is also necessary in case of lawsuits. In some states, key person life insurance is a good idea for a small business to protect the owners if they die. And, of course, there’s always the option of a limited liability company.

When it comes to buying small business insurance, make sure you take all of these into consideration. You’ll need to decide what type of coverage you’ll need and how much. General liability insurance, for example, protects you from accidents that cause property damage. For instance, if a customer slips on a floor and falls on a slick tile floor, this type of policy will cover the costs of repairing it.

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