Three Different Uses For a Rose and Glass Dome in Your Daughter’s Room

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Roses and Glass are a match made in heaven. They have the same freshness, romance, softness, beauty, charm and longevity as one another. To make it even more exciting, these flowers can be combined in different textures and colors as well as patterns to create amazing Rose and Glass Dorm decorations. To make your decorating dreams come true, here are some ideas for creating unique elegant Rose and Glass Dorms that will definitely turn heads in any given party or occasion:

  • Create a Rose and Glass Ballroom by filling an attractive Rose and Glass Dome with flowers and other arrangements. Beautifully set in a crystal chandelier, this Rose and Glass Ballroom are sure to catch the attention of all who enter. The beautifully sculptured and hand-carved Doric columns with hand-carved statues of Calla lilies, Dioscorea and Tuberose, along with a ceiling with hand-carved columns and pillars gives this Rose and Glass Ballroom a rich old world charm. Accented with a lush array of vintage silk flowers, this Rose and Glass Ballroom are sure to be loved by the young as well as the young at heart. This whimsical and charming venue can be used for a girls’ sleep-over, birthday party or simply as an interesting place to hang out with friends. To complete the classic appeal, add vintage pillows in the form of a rose and glass love seat to create a special girls’ retreat that girls will remember for years to come.
  • Create a Rose and Glass Bedroom for Girls by filling a colorful Rose and Glass Beds with flowers, or to celebrate a birthday, this beautiful girl’s bedroom can be filled with Rose and Glass artifacts. This gorgeous bed set consists of a large bed on two separate stands, with a mirrored canopy above. The canopy can be wrapped around the bed and windows, and a combination of three different shades of pink, yellow and white are used to decorate the bed set. This bed set is beautiful and will definitely create a statement in your girl’s room.
  • Create an Oasis in the desert with a Rose and Glass Dome. This outdoor oasis can be decorated with exotic blooms and delicate plants. A variety of fountains, twinkle lights and sand paintings make this a magical place to relax in the sun. It is a perfect place to entertain family and friends as the gentle fluttering of the sand from the domes inner fan makes for beautiful sights and sounds. Set this outdoor dome with an elegant table and chairs facing the shimmering waters of the desert, or if you prefer to create a tranquil oasis just by turning on your stereo this dome can also be used as a music center for your backyard or patio.
  • Create an underwater world with a Rose and Glass Dome. This whimsical piece comes with an ocean floor globe where you can place your fish to sleep. A gentle breeze gently blows on the domes glass fan and the gentle movement causes waves to form beneath the water surface. This is a perfect piece for your daughter’s next girl’s room and is a great way to introduce her to the wonderful world of underwater decoration. These auctions, via sites such as are also available online.
  • Create a Pink colored Desert with a Rose and Glass Dome. This whimsical piece is made from a durable glass that will withstand the heat of the sun and the sand dunes found in the desert. A pink faux tassel adds a touch of femininity to this item and makes it easy to display on any wall in your daughter’s bedroom. This piece looks amazing when placed beside a pink faux tassel that has been arranged with a couple of pink candles on either side.

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