What Are Coffee Tampers for the Average Person?

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The question of what are tampers for the average person can be easily answered with a single word – convenience. Tampons are used to absorb a little extra fluid during sex that is not normally absorbed by your vagina. They are not considered necessary, but they do make things a bit easier on you!

Some people find that drinking water or other normal vaginal lubricants can help keep you from having an uncomfortable experience. Many times there are very few differences between regular feminine products and tampons and many of these will provide more than enough lubrication for you to have a great sex life. If you prefer to use a lotion or cream then these will also work well. One thing to note about lubricant is that they are not meant to be used regularly as they have additives and chemicals in them that can irritate the lining of the vagina. If you want to use lubricants, be sure that you read the labels carefully and avoid those with perfume or fragrances. Click here for more information about tamper.

In addition to coffee tampers there are also other products available for the more adventurous among us. You may be familiar with the idea of inserting a small amount of KY jelly or petroleum jelly into your vagina, but you can even try using small sized condoms that can actually feel good when inserted! No matter which method you choose, you will find that it is more comfortable and that you are able to have more intense sex.

What exactly are coffee tampers? Coffee tamper is made up of a small amount of petroleum jelly or KY jelly that has been soaked in a cup of coffee. This method of making them involves using something that most women know is off limits to them. This can be a good option if you are only interested in making them for one time and not something you would ever want to try out again. However, if you plan on using these in the long term there are other options to consider such as buying a cup of coffee and leaving it in your vaginal area for a couple of hours before having sex.

These do not necessarily have to be used in place of your regular feminine product because they can be used in conjunction with them. Just like you would not eat an apple if you are allergic to apples, you should avoid using tampers that are made from chemicals. If you are using them then be aware that some will contain added chemicals and should never be used with another type of feminine product.

Coffee Tampers is a great addition to any sexual experience and they can be easily acquired from any women’s needs. They are fairly affordable and are easy to find on the web. They are often less expensive than a cup of coffee!

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